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The Alibi

It is finally with us…. The Alibi – the new single from the upcoming ATTRITION album The Black Maria… with accompanying video and some choice remixes,
from Bellhead, Vaselyne, Steckdose and Follynator

Find it on our official Bandcamp store…

Martin Bowes – Vocals/ All Electronics,
Yvette Winkler – Female lead vocals
Joanne Wolf – Female spoken vocals
Elisa Day – Female backing vocals
Vancorvid – Violin
Marietta Fox – Violin
Anni Hogan – Piano
Ian Arkley – Guitar
Kris Force – Cello

Written by Martin Bowes
Cover photo by Martin Bowes taken from The Alibi video
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Martin Bowes at
The Cage Studios, Coventry.England

A Two Gods Production

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