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The truth in dark corners

“The Truth In Dark Corners” is a recording of live tracks coming from the band’s 1985 Holland tour plus a closing track coming from a London gig.
Back then Attrition were releasing their second album “Smiling, At The Hypogonder Club” on Third Mind and this release contains many tracks coming from that one plus “Shrinkwrap” (which was a single) and two unreleased tracks “In The Attic” and “The Aftermath”.
Formed on those days by Martin Bowes, Marianne Teunissen and Alex Novak, the band was creating their distinctive darkwave electronic sound which was capable to mix danceable rhythms and electronic experimental attitude.
“The Truth In Dark Corners” contains good recordings of classic Attrition’s tracks (or at least they are what I consider their classics) like “Mind Drop” or “Pendulum Turns” and here you can listen them sounding direct and powerful.
These recordings represent quite well the essence of the band on those days so I don’t consider this album only a release for hard core fans. And sleeve notes you’ll find by Justin Mitchell back then. I’m quite sure that if you a long time reader of our magazine you know this guy, because when he knew Attrition he was an electronic music enthusiast who became their friend but soon after he founded Cold Spring

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