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Keepsakes & Reflections : A Collection Of Rarities Review

Attrition brings a new re-release from their back catalogue. “Keepsakers And Reflections” that had been originally released on 2001 on the American Invisible Records and was a collection of rare and unreleased tracks mainly from the 90s. This album is without hesitation one of my favorite Attrition albums ever.
It’s an album full of surprises (thinking to several cover songs) while showing the very unique sound approach of Attrition that got really famous during the 90s. The debut songs are simply excellent. Starting with an unexpected remix of Dead Kennedy’s “Kill The Poor” Attrition proved to be simply genius in covering this famous punk anthem. The cover version comes closer to a kind of ethereal and mystical electronic wave piece of music. “Thin Red Line” coming next delivers a remix by Pankow. This version sounds more clubby while evoking some good souvenirs from the Italian masters of EBM. The 3rd song is also a cover version. John Foxx’ famous “Underpass”-hit has been totally transposed into the Attrition sound and is an honest and minimal adaptation. Among the other covers, there’s also Ministry’s “Cannibal Song” and Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s “Memory, Uncaring Friend”.
The absolute masterpiece is without any shadow of a doubt the more atmospheric “High Tide”. “Metamorphosis” is another attention grabber where Martin Bowes walked on more soundtrack fields with a sensitive violin play as absolute apotheosis. The song “Keepsakes And Reflections” also takes a mystic approach. It’s really surprising to (re)discover these songs, which originally appeared on compilations and/or maxi’s. The last part of this album reveals a more soundtrack approach with songs like “Red Letter”, “L’echange”, “Nine Tails, To follow You round” or yet the bonus version of “The Cage” (entitled “Refrain”).
This is not just a re-release, but a magic way to (re)discover this legendary band!

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