Attrition: News

May, 2010

We have our song “Predicament” included on the upcoming 2CD compilation “Sanity is slavery”
out in June on the Machinekunt label it includes tracks by Hanin Elias, Leæther Strip, amGod, Pzychobitch and more… 10% of proceeds will go to MindFreedom International, an organization dedicated to mental health rights and stopping psychiatric abuse

Our song “I am (Eternity) is included on the new split CD by My Silent wake and the Drowning … with guest vocals from Martin & Sin… you can hear it here 

We are recording works towards the long awaited new ATTRITION album at this very moment…. developing a more expansive sound with guests including Ian Arkley from My Silent Wake on guitar
We will be releasing extracts over the next few months…. Work is also progressing on an official ATTRITION documentary DVD with accompanying biography….

Martin has been mixing and mastering tracks from Tylean’s upcoming solo album and also remixing a song from the new album by Johnnie Clapper’s band Fernthal ….

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