ATTRITION – The Arches, Coventry. May 2022

Tonight is a special one for several reasons, but most notably because it’s a home town gig for the one and only ATTRITION. Now into their fourth decade, the band have mastered their dark art, and they certainly weave a spell over The Arches. With the smell of burning incense filling the air, the band’s set has the feeling of an occult ritual that summons entities from the spirit world. The lighting of joss sticks is such a simple idea, but it’s very effective, and it is an aroma that I’ll forever associate with Attrition. Framed within prisms of light, the band proceed to deliver a masterclass in darkwave, and it perfectly illustrates why they remain leaders in their field. It’s the original line-up performing tonight, and that chemistry is still very much evident as the ethereal, banshee-like female vocals provide a nice foil to Martin’s gruff growl, and the electronics are equally discombobulating, as the stage vibrates waves of energy that reverberate throughout the venue. Attrition seem energised and revitalised, and you get the feeling that their story could continue for another four decades.

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