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July, 2015

Cage Transmissions
the first edition of the monthly radio show i have started with long time ATTRITION live synth man Simon is now up as a podcast at Mixcloud… stay tuned for news on this as it develops…

Cage Transmission #1 by Martin Bowes Attrition on Mixcloud
Join the new ATTRITION fan community… A place to dig a little deeper into my work in ATTRITION and my many production projects with other bands from The Cage Studios.
I’ll be sharing in depth and exclusive interviews, permanent discounts, special offers, rarities, and music that is unavailable elsewhere… exclusive songs, different mixes, demos, live recordings etc etc etc…. 

ATTRITION: Millions of the Mouthless Dead
“Dark, chilling, and compelling….
Millions Of the Mouthless Dead is one of the most powerful albums about the First World War to date…”

Taken from the new ATTRITION album “Millions of the Mouthless Dead” by Martin Bowes and Anni Hogan.
A poem by Charles Hamilton Sorley. 1915.
Album to be released on August 4th 2015.
Listen and pre-order here:
https:// album/ millions-of-the-mouthless-dead

ATTRITION founder Martin Bowes has joined forces with Anni Hogan and together created a world of sombre moods reflected in dark ambient soundscapes inhabited by pianos, strings, organ, found sounds and shifting atmospheres. With original war poetry and spoken word in English, French and German, with special guests including Wolfgang Flur (ex-Kraftwerk), Peter Rainman, Karla Aelswitha and Alexander Nym…

ATTRITION VS TV SMITH – Gary Gilmore’s Eyes
Wow, that’s pretty fuckin’ cool Martin – I love it! That’s been worth waiting for, very happy about it…” TV Smith
15 years in the making….and here it is:
“Let’s do it”…
4 track CD/Vinyl and download with a fifth bonus track only from our official bandcamp pages:

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