The Jeopardy Maze

Originally released on Projekt records in 1999. This is the Two Gods label remastered reissue with a bonus track in Infant Joy – an interpretation of the poem by William Blake.

The Jeopardy Maze – Rock Sound magazine – UK – 1999

“A violin caustically weaves it’s way amongst a collection of analogue synths and organic beats on Attrition’s best offering to date, an album as musically stylish as it’s artwork suggests. The Jeopardy Maze is an almost perfect example of darkwave-ambient, a subtle and sinister tapestry of electro and classical elements with the occasional female gothic vocal progression strung across the top. Spine-tinglingly atmospheric but not an album to put on at parties, unless you want everyone to leave. This is a very personal listening experience, an isolation in sound and not something to be intruded on. Occasionally it displays too much of the bands industrial roots and some intrusive chanting noises, but otherwise this is essential listening. The perfect gothic antidote to the bloated fuzz of more recent triphop, The Jeopardy Maze is dark, sinister, and impeccably good.”

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