The Eternity LP

A collection of tracks from 2 EP releases.
Tracks 1 -4 from The Eternity EP – Projekt records -1997.
Tracks 5 – 9 from Kissing a virtual angel – Ars Benevola mater. 1999.
This is the Two Gods label remastered reissue.

Attrition – The Eternity LP- from Liar Society 2007

The Eternity LP is quintessential Attrition . Comprised of the previously released Eternity EP (97 – which featured four re-workings of classically-inspired songs from Etude ) and five cuts from 99’s Kissing a Virtual Angel EP. As such, the songs range from the violin, electronics, and operatic vocal-fueled darkwave of “I Am (Eternity)” and “Cold Genius” to the more ambient, virtuosic “A Virtual Angel” and “Illuminati.” While many repackaged and remastered albums in this vein are generally limited in appeal to completeists, The Eternity LP actually works as a rather fine introduction to Attrition’s singular sense of aesthetics. Much like the work of Bernard Herrmann , Attrition’s soundscapes are darkly cinematic, hinting at the horror that lurks just off-screen. The atmosphere is melancholic, but with the expectation that something is about to happen…and it’s that tension that makes this music so very worthwhile.

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