Millions of The Mouthless Dead

“June 1917. Ypres. Flanders. Belgium.
Private William Bowes of the West Yorks Regiment,
British Expeditionary Force, was hit by a German shell
while out working on trench defences.
He suffered a severe stomach wound.
Rescued by stretcher-bearers, his life was saved by
Canadian army medics in a front line field hospital.
He was repatriated to England where he stayed
and recuperated for the remainder of the Great War…”

William Bowes was my Grandfather.

This album is inspired and dedicated to both him and the millions on all sides that experienced the living hell that was the
Europe of 1914-18.

Martin Bowes. Coventry, England, 2015
released August 4, 2015

Martin Bowes: Readings/Electronics
Anni Hogan: Readings/Grand Piano/Keyboards
Special Guest: Wolfgang Flur (ex-Kraftwerk)

Guest Readings:
Alexander Nym/Peter Rainman/Karla Aelswitha
Original war poetry:
Wilfred Owen/Adrien Bertrand/Guillaume Apollinaire
Ludwig Ganghofer/Kurt Tucholsky/Roland Leighton
Charles Sorley, and inspired words from Fenella Tillier

All Music: Martin Bowes and Anni Hogan
‘Krieg’ Lyrics by Wolfgang Flur
Cover Photographs by Holger Karas and Andrzej Juja
Wth original photographs, letters and postcards from the family collection
Anni’s Grand piano tuning and care by Michael D. Harrison M.I.M.I.T.,C.G.L.I.
With thanks to TyLean and Gerrard Peers.

A Two Gods production
Mixed and Mastered by Martin Bowes,
At The Cage Studios, Coventry, England, 2014 – 2015
Released by Ultra Mail Production: U.M.P. 038


ATTRITION – ‘Millions Of The Mouthless Dead’
ATTRITION – ‘Millions Of The Mouthless Dead’ by Santa Sangre

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