Originally released on Hyperium records in 1994. This is the Two Gods label remastered reissue.

The Wire magazine – UK – 1994

“…Check out the post-industrial phenomena that Martin Bowes lines up on this splendid album: consumerism (the modish, airbrushed box sleeve), new technologies (a planetful of synths and samplers) and postmodern decentring (a bewildering array of borrowed styles glimsed with disorientating speed and transitoriness).
This is a seriously listenable, cutting-edge industrial masterpiece, an album that for once dares to transcend the genres narratives. sure, there’s the time-honoured blurring of the known boundaries of sound,but there’s something more than the usual gothic grind here – something traditional, something almost representational.
The found-sound panorama Bowes creates can sometimes be almost picaresque in it’s diversity – scratched mongrel-barks, looped coughs, flyaway piano, all underpinned with rock tempi and heart stopping stop-starts. “from a whisper, to a rage” the sleeve contends portentously, but with sonic polyvariance like this on show it’s an apt description. “Wetenscap (dream number nine)” is a case in point – scraps of seraphic singing and timelapsed rolling tides whirlpool around a sluggish two-cylinder beat, when in wanders a plaintive synth intoning Beethoven’s big “Ode to Joy” theme from the Ninth Symphony. Great stuff.”

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