At The Fiftieth Gate

Originally released on Antler records in 1988. This is the Two Gods label remastered reissue with bonus tracks from two 12 ” singles on Antler and 2 tracks from the 1987 Take Five mini LP on Supporti Fonografici.

Gothic Beauty- USA – 2009

This album was first released in 1988, and it still impresses without
sounding dated — one wonders what happened, when a twenty-year old album comes up freshly remastered and sounds better and more innovative than a great deal of brand-new electronic music. Not to say that it is detached from its time, but when pulses and patterns recognizable from late-eighties electronic music do surface here, they’ve been turned and sharpened such that they’ve kept their edge. If it’s all new to you, too, “At the Fiftieth Gate” is a good place to catch up with Attrition, with song structures influenced by Garry Cox on guitar (“History Man”; “Two Miles Up”), contagiously affecting electronics (the title track; “Haydn,” included here with versions previously available on 12″singles), and unsparing, unsettling lyrics.

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