3 Arms & A Dead Cert

Originally released on Hyperium and Projekt records in 1996. This is the Two Gods label remastered reissue.
Sideline – Belgium – 1996

The British pioneers strike back and add another album to their huge discography. ATTRITION is one of the few electronic bands that has managed to avoid it’s curse through the eighties and nineties without ever losing authenticity, i would even dare to say “spontaneity”!
Release after release, the genius Martin Bowes brings his sound a bit further. He deepens his search for the perfect sound and probes into the numerous unexplored sonic landscapes to create something new with no reference to the various trends he went through with time.
On this 3 arms and a dead cert, he gives a twist to the taste of dark techno (as they would call it in Germany) on the latest material by re-inforcing his marriage between digital and analog ingredients, shy guitars and beautiful violins. Franck Dematteis’ violin parts give a totally different dimension to the electronica, plunging them into a sort of semi-classical semi-theatrical atmosphere (Predicament?, 3 arms and a dead cert, or Prelude).
The instrument perfectly suits the convincing male and female vocal contrasts. Julia Wallers’ voice most often underlines the dramatic side of the songs, while Martin sounds cold and strong.
The lyrics are once again off the beaten track, adding another interesting feature to this rather varied album. Although globally it sounds sombre and mid-paced, there are also rhythmic songs with effective bass sequences (Acid Tongue or Demi-God). The best tracks in my opinion are White men talk, Acid Tongue or Demi God.
Attrition lead us into a new world, their own world, a world where they deserve to climb higher, a world i strongly advise you to enter at least once in your short life. Competently accomplished and perfectly mastered from the first second to the last.

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