Rising from the red sands

The Elephant Table album

Shadow And Substance
Life At The Top
Bullshit Detector 3
Something Stirs

Imminent Episode 1

Future Tense
Terra Incognita II

For Your Ears Only
Pop Noise magazine
Animal Liberation

Obscure Independant Classics 5
Une Saison En Enfer

World Of Electronic Body Music
The Liberator

From Across This Gray Land No.2


From Across This Gray Land No.3
Falling Dreams
A Drop In The Ocean
Sonora magazine 3/92

Heavenly Voices
Dead Eyes magazine

Scanning Volume II
Zauber Of Music
Industrial Nation Vol 1
Of These Reminders

To cut a long story short
Zauber Of Music Volume II
Excelsis, A Dark Noël

Musica Celestia Sampler
Instants Ardents
Hypnobeats 2
Beneath The Icy Floe V.4

Beneath The Icy Floe V.5
Diva X Machina
Bats And Red Velvet Magazine
The Black Box Compilation II
Dion Fortune Sampler V
Gothic Sounds Of Nightbreed 2

Elektrauma 4
The Pink And The Black
New Alternatives 4
Making Tracks
BRV magazine 24
Cybertec Soundtracks
Stage 1

Industrial Baby
Beneath The Icy Floe V.6
Intermission 1.0
Goths Paradise II
Making Tracks 2
Kaleidoscope zine – 6
Electro Club attack – Shot 2
Ghosts from the Darkside II
Dread Kennedys – In dub we trust
Lexicon magazine sampler – Vol 2
Black Planet – Fire & Ice

Another prick in the wall
The Tower zine – 2
Luxurous Breath of Catacombs 2
Darkness & The Machine 2
Rock Sound magazine
The Unquiet Grave 2000
Music of the Shadows 3
Projekt 100
Heaven & Hell
Elektrauma 5
Dr Speedlove presents 2
Elegy Magazine 11
Instant Inquiets 2

Sounds from the asylum 2
Cryonica Tanz V.1
The Nature of Gothic
Mystica Mysteria III
Orkus…best of the 90’s
A Cage went in search of a bird
Castle party 2001
Dark Decryption
Trisol Bible Chapter One

Viscera v. Zero

The new face of goth

Coming #3
Ritual magazine #17
Asleep by Dawn #2
Kaleidoscope zine 18
Winter Wishes

Synthphony remixed vol. 4
state of synthpop 2005
Castle Party 2005

Dresden Barockt – Songs Fur Dresden
Dark Horizons
Zillo CD 05/06
Unscene magazine #3
D-Side magaine #35
Newsprint #7 CD/DVD
Subculture Shock Fall 06
Shadowside Volume 1

Elegy Magazine 46
Subculture Shock spring 07
Projekt: A Dark Noël
Projekt 200

Electro Arc. Vol 3
Projekt 2008
Wave Klassix 2
Bubblegum Slut zine
Sin Tech

Projekt 2009
Gothic Sounds Of Nightbreed 5

Why be Blake when you can be Bleak?

Coma magazine sampler volume 2
Dark Cabaret 2
Danza de Navidad

Unscene magazine cover CD

The Cage: The first 20 years

Es lauten die Glocken
Electronic Saviors Vol 3
Sub Culture
Cage 21
Label Noir Vol. 2

Fake Art I.D. zine Cage 22

Close to The Noise Floor
Cage 23

Twp Gods Label sampler 1
Silhouettes and Statues
Cage 24
Alternative Sounds ep
Alternative Sounds Vol 1
An Industrial Christmas

Sounds from the Asylum 2CD
Prophecy and Progress

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