Attrition: News

A Great Desire (1986 – 2004)

“Dying for love
And this kind of fire inside

My blood is blind
I’m dining on a silent mind
And several other friends of mine”
A slice of history. A slice of life. 40 years of history, almost a forgotten dream, this is a collection from ATTRITION’s prolific heyday….
releasing albums, almost all on CD… as we thought we had seen the death of vinyl…. on labels in the USA (Projekt and Invisible) and Europe (Contempo and Hyperium)….
Here is a selection of music from those times….10 tracks…many for the first time on vinyl…
Martin Bowes. Coventry. England. 2022
A collection of songs from ATTRITION’s mid period, 1986 – 2004. Most never before released on vinyl.
Remastered by Martin in The Cage from the original DAT mixes.

The album includes 2 free posters of Martin and Kerri!


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