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December '04. Dante's Kitchen
Announcing the Dante's Kitchen US tour! jan/feb 2005...
We have interviews in both the latest issues of Mick Mercer's The Mick e-zine!
"dream number nine (recurring)" is our exclusive track on the Silber records free downloadable holiday season album... Winter Wishes - get it this month only from their website...

November. Dante's Kitchen
"Martin Bowes is one of the most original and unique songwriters of his generation..."
......Dante's Kitchen is a recommended album at DSO

!We are celebrating the long awaited european release of Dante's Kitchen with a rare hometown show at The Jailhouse, Coventry, on Friday, December 17th.

Martin, his 80's fanzine Alternative Sounds and ATTRITION are featured in Godiva Rocks - the new book on the history of the Coventry music scene...
I am working on a major website update..particularlyexpanding the history pages with a view to a possible book to celebrate our 25 year anniversary next year... if anyone has
any photos/reviews/recollections or comments they'd like to contribute do please get in touch.... martin

October. Dante's Kitchen
"...a reborn sound ...abundant with new influences and passion. balanced precisely
between ominous soundtracks and the vivid thrum of fetish-istic techno.
Enthralling as well as eerie, it might be their best effort to date."
from Sideline magazine.
full review

In the US
the current issue of Asleep by Dawn features Two Gods on the cover CD...(in 27,000 copies...)

September. Dante's Kitchen
"...a superb and enveloping album, a trip through a shadowy house of mirrors."
from USA. full review
free mp3's
"Dark primordial fairy-scapes...making ultra-modern electronics sound as organic and natural as it is possible for them to be..." Rocksound. UK
Rascal & Klone vs. attrition. Our first ever drum n bass single!
We have had the title track from Dante's Kitchen remixed by renowned UK drum n bass act Rascal & Klone...vocal & dub versions..white label version out now on 12" vinyl -expect the official release soon!...
Slight delay on the european edition of Dante's will be out early October!..
Setting up european and US tours for this winter and into next year..

and here are three new interviews up online at... QRD
Check out the new Damage Manual remix CD on includes a mix from martin!

August. Dante's Kitchen
"..a flawless production..." full review
Dante's Kitchen is album of the month at Gothtronic!. Holland.

We are setting up live shows and release parties now!!! DJ's and promoters contact us!

Dante's Kitchen is out today. July 27th - for the USA...
and available worldwide from our webstore!...
"...nothing short of a masterpiece" full review and interview up at Hard Wired zine. UK
"...a splendid work of art... they have more than proven to be innovators and visionaries." Godsend Online. USA
Dante's Kitchen is In rotation for July at Morbid Outlook zine. USA
We now have an online press pack for Dante's Kitchen with links to a current bio, photos and mp3 samples coming soon...! take what you need...!

"....a wonderfully dark and seductive beauty..." Judas Kiss Magazine, UK
We have set up an exclusive London show on July 23rd to celebrate the release of Dante's Kitchen...check the tour dates page for details...
The first interview with Martin on the new album is now up online in the ChainDLK webzine...
We have a hard techno mix of "The head of Gabriel" - a track from Dante's Kitchen on "Coming #3" - the new Undergroundinc label sampler...check our merchandise page for details of how to pick up a free copy!!!

Meanwhile Christine has added backing vocals to the upcoming Sheep on Drugs album...and Martin has been remixing tracks for The Damage Manual...The Last Dance...Black tape for a Blue girl...

"....absolutely great, moving and disturbing!!!" Ritual Magazine, Italy
We are pleased to announce that our long awaited new album...
"Dante's kitchen"... will be released on Invisible records in the USA on July 27th!....
to be followed by a European release through Big Blue...Poland's largest independent label....on October 15th.
The album cover again features new artwork from renowned US artist John Santerineross...
Remix releases and video productions are nearing completion and will be announced check back often.
Those of you in Italy will also find the album title track on the cover CD of the June issue of Ritual magazine...

The cult vampire movie "Shower of blood" is finally available on DVD...the soundtrack includes a remix version of
our "Mercy Machine" tune, which is featured heavily in the Quicktime video trailer you can view here!
anyone going to the Whitb y goth fest this week should check out Steve Godfrey's photo exhibition celebrating 10 years of the event...our show from 2001 is in's at the Pannett Art Gallery in Whitby...
We've had some excellent remixes done for the upcoming EP..from hard techno to ebm, industrial, drum n bass and orchestral mixes...anyone remixing any of our songs DO get back to us in the next few weeks for a chance to be involved...

December '03
100,000 downloads later and is dead. We are now including free mp3 downloads direct from this site......selections from Dante's Kitchen will be up very soon!
We are making "The head of gabriel" ...a song from Dante's kitchen,
available to remixers...
if you are interested in having a go do contact for details...

Dante's kitchen. Out of the Cage....
We are pleased to announce that the recordings for "Dante's Kitchen"
are now finally complete!
Three years of chaos, re-evaluation and experimentation with new forms and
influences have resulted in possibly our most accessible record to date. A
complex web of electronic sound production and dense rhythmic structures
coupled with our trademark industrial, dark ambient and neo-classical excursions.
We are currently negotiating deals for licensing the album worldwide
and preparing an all new live show.
Interested labels and promoters do contact us here

Dante's kitchen. While we put the finishing touches to the long awaited new album.
you can hear the first song to be taken from it ...Two Gods... on "The new face of Goth", Projekt records new CD sampler available for only $4.99 exclusively through the Hot Topic chain in the US or direct from their website.

20 years on!....we are celebrating the european re-issue on CD of our long lost cassette only album from 1983...Action and reaction....and The Eternity LP an album which includes tracks from both the "Eternity EP" and the "Kissing a virtual angel" EP.

Martin joined Synthetic as special guest on synthesiser at Colchester's Insanitorium club recently...

February 2003

Dante's Kitchen...the long awaited new album will be unveiled later this year...we are offering initial mixes now to DJ's and me for details...martin

We have also recently expanded our studio production/mastering and live sound services. more details

March 2002
all quiet?....well not quite.... We are down in the bunker recording our all new album...and taking breaks for a few remixes...for In The Nursery and Triplepoint...and planning a few special shows...
check the live dates for news....

SPV Poland are re-issuing our entire back catalogue for Europe...most titles are already available
...this month the re-issue series will be completed with an album of essential rarities ..."Keepsakes and Reflections"...

"The Hidden Agenda" re-issue (remastered with extra tracks and extra art...)
is out now for the first time in the USA thru Invisible. "Ephemera" follows in June.....both are available now through our merchandise page!...
is the new website for the designer of many of our album includes reproductions and background stories on every piece he designed for us...
We have one of our songs..."A girl called harmony", included on Germany's Orkus magazine best selling "Best of the 90's" CD compilation...

February 2001
Christine is appearing on the March 10rd edition of Blind date!!!!!...
broadcast that evening in the UK on ITV
and on cable/satellite throughout Europe...she sings an extract from "I am (eternity)"...

December 2000
Welcome to our redesigned site...we've added a lot more content and a new look...please explore...We now have secure online ordering

are preparing a high profile new year with many tours, festivals, a new album and a series of re-issues...meanwhile until the end of the midwinter holiday period we are giving our version of "Silent night" as a free download from our site at take it.

...we have just returned from our biggest US tour many thanks to everyone involved... we will be back very soon..

The Hand That Feeds. The remix album is out now.
Invisible Records for North America. Trinity Records for Europe.
including exclusive mixes from Chris n' Cosey, In The Nursery, Dance or Die, New Mind, Regenerator, Stromkern, Morbus Kitahara, various techno and drum n bass dj's and more... It again features exotic cover art from renowned US artist John Santerineross
The european edition is a double CD set with a second "best-of" CD featuring tracks from our entire career...

For a limited period we are offering a free quicktime pc/mac CDROM video with a live version of "Acid Tongue"...recorded at various locations earlier this year, with any mail order from our merchandise pages.... check the merchandise pages for full ordering details....
"call information, call it desire..."

Ktel have released music of the shadows 3 - Industrial -
It includes our "Acid Tongue", alongside tracks from Ministry, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, KMFDM, Young Gods, Nitzer Ebb, Apoptygma Bezerk, Wumpscut, Einsturzende Neubauten, Leather Strip and more...

take care...


March 2000 ...
"Like it's 1999... tripping coast to coast in a white cadillac. (Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA). truck stops, trailer parks, drag queens, prairie dogs, breakdowns (motel lounge), out doors and in-stores, fast food, strip clubs, broken legs and broken hearts, fire stations and the national guard. let's make out in the car...".

HERETIC ANGELS. Is our first ever live album and is out this week on Trinity Records for the world. Recorded live on last years US tour . 10 tracks recorded raw and direct to digital stereo master. In a strictly limited edition of 666 copies. The album is also available directly from us.

GOTHCON Martin is appearing as special panel guest at this years Gothcon festival, March 18th & 19th in Atlanta, USA. Check their website for full details of itinerary and events÷.

January 2000 ...

We are very pleased to announce our upcoming appearance at Convergence. C6. The latest incarnation of the USAŪs most successful gothic festival. This year it is in Seattle between May 26th to 28th÷. visit their site for full info...

From Russia with love÷ESOTERIA. The limited edition compilation of ambient and classical material, with many rare tracks, in a hand crafted package, on Russian label Brudenia now available direct from us.

KLANGALERIE. The vinyl 7" single limited to only 100 copies, with 2 unreleased tracks - "Red Letter" and "Kharb" also available direct from us - check the merchandise pages for full details.

We have a busy schedule of new releases and re-issues this year, and have tracks on many new compilations, including "another prick in the wall"÷a Ministry tribute on Invisible records, upcoming industrial/darkwave samplers on KTEL, Cleopatra, Carpe Mortem, Nilaiah, Triton, and others÷

See you later ....Martin Bowes

December 99 ...

This year we have played more shows than ever....and we are lining up an even busier schedule for the new millenium...

We have our song "Mercy Machine" included on the soundtrack to Film Fusion's SHOWER OF BLOOD, a B-movie vampire shock horror flick featuring the talents of various Playboy and Penthouse models...premier in Chicago December 17th...more information as we get it....

October 99 ...

We are regularly featured on compilations released in Europe and the USA; many take tracks from our current or past releases, some with exclusive mixes or tracks. This month sees a contribution to a Dead Kennedy's tribute album, "Dread Kennedy's", our version of "Kill the poor" - out on Invisible Records.

We also have an alternate mix of "Acid Tongue" on "HARDWARE" a collection of UK industrial artists....also featuring Clock Dva, Sheep on Drugs, Electro Assassin etc....

"I am the Illuminator"

....well, sometimes...

martin bowes.
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